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"I received my Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2002. Since then I have been working non stop as an artist and educator in various capacities. I love teaching and I have worked with both children, as well as, adults in a variety of educational settings. For me, the best part of teaching is building those personal connections through sharing knowledge that might help people live richer, fuller lives." 

Brian "Ms. Bread" Baker - Founder, builder and lead educator

This Story begins in 2005 when I discovered the world of wood-fired earth ovens and natural building. I would soon go on to complete a natural building apprenticeship where I studied earth building, straw-bale construction and sustainable living. With a background in wood-fired ceramics, I instantly fell in love with building, sculpting and firing earth ovens. It wasn't soon after that I found myself teaching others how to build ovens and how to live more sustainably.

Although I had been consuming a pretty healthy organic diet for some time, it wasn't till 2007, when my son was diagnosed with developmental disabilities that I began to take an in depth look into the relationship between food and optimal health. By changing my son's diet, positive results were noticeable in his overall well being and I quickly made the connection of how proper nutrition can effect someone physically, mentally and emotionally. I too changed my diet and it became apparent how certain foods I was eating all of the time, did not serve me. So, I began to look at what a "healthy diet" really means for me, changing my relationship with how I consumed food.


One day in 2013, I was baking in a wood-fired oven when I noticed how firing up an oven always brought people together; gathered around the captivating fire while sharing fresh food and engaging in lively conversation. It dawned on me that wood-fired ovens are not only great spaces for people to connect socially but could be used as a platform for real community development and provide individuals will the skills that can help them live a more sustainable life. With this said, The C.O.B. Project was born, marrying of my passion for earth ovens, nutritious food, sustainable living and education in one glorious manifestation. After seven years further down this path, I am proud to say that the true potential of this project has been realized. This is my offering to world and I hope if may be of service to those in need. 

Peace and love,


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