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Wood-fired Earth Ovens are functional, hand-sculpted works of art. Here is a collection of ovens that showcase the creative potential of building with earth. 

Hear is a time-lapse video of how a thermal core layer is built over a sand form covered in paper. Once this layer is complete, the sand is removed to expose the interior of the oven. The thermal core is the baking chamber of the oven and is usually made out of a dense refractory material that is good at withstanding temperatures reaching over 1000 Degrees F. The thermal core also absorbs the heat which helps the ovens maintain their high baking temperatures and assists in the baking process by radiating heat back down onto the food, acting much like a broiler. A well insulated thermal layer can hold heat for several hours if not days with out a fire lit inside. This allows users to bake a variety of meals as the temperature inside slowly drops. 

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