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The C.O.B. Project offers a series of transformative programs that are engaging, educational and empowering. 

Structured around the building of community supported, earthen ovens; the programs focus on giving individuals an experience that inspires a positive change in their viewpoints towards themselves, their communities and their relationships with the natural world. Providing individuals with the opportunity to learn new skill sets, the programs emphasize the importance of developing personal connections and self-awareness as a means to build thriving lives and sustainable communities. 

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Community Oven Building

The Community Oven Building program helps build ovens for individual communities, organizations and schools. Depending on the needs of the community, this program typically includes oven design,  facilitates earth oven building events and offers a course on wood-fired oven basics. The program also encourages the using the ovens as platforms for promoting communal  baking,educational courses and  community/social activism. 

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Earth, Fire & Food

Earth, Fire & Food is a school program that works with kids in exploring the art and science of using earthen ovens. The program includes building & using wood-fired ovens, cooking classes and food education. This program is also customizable to fit the needs of each school and can be set up to work as a one time visit, a multi-day workshop or as a recurring addition to a school's or class's curriculum. Online courses, tutorials and live feed workshops will also be available in the near future.

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Community Oven

Community Oven is an outreach program that helps support disadvantaged and marginalized communities. This program offers individuals new ways to perceive  themselves, their communities and what is possible. The program focuses on helping people learn new skill sets that will empower them in making positive changes in their lives; offering courses on oven building, food education, community organization and small business start up. 

With the goal of building healthy communities, The C.O.B. Project is currently developing all of the programs to follow Covid 19 Safety Protocols

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